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Zarges|ctc is dedicated to contributing to the »New Golden Age of Television« by enabling compelling entertainment. In close cooperation with international creative partners and renowned production companies, we develop high-quality series projects for TV and streaming, advise and support writers and publishers in the advancement and exploitation of their projects and books. Our goal is to identify the most exciting ideas and bring them to life together with our valued partners.

In the Literary Management division, Zarges|ctc  also supported long-time UFA CEO Wolf Bauer as a book author and marketed his non-fiction book »Creative Leadership« (published by Herbert von Halem Verlag), which was written together with co-author Torsten Zarges.

Wolf Bauer with Torsten Zarges

Creative Leadership

Lessons learned from three decades at the helm of UFA

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From the big bang of commercial television to the digital transformation: For 27 years, Wolf Bauer, as CEO of UFA, has been telling stories on a wide variety of platforms, thereby writing media history. No other German producer has managed a group of comparable size over such a long period. The Bauer era saw some of the biggest disruptions in UFA's 100-year history, which repeatedly called for new kinds of creative and entrepreneurial responses. With his wealth of experience from three decades of creative leadership, Wolf Bauer provides food for thought and inspiration for current and future leaders in the creative industries and encourages arts scholars in particular to take on entrepreneurial leadership.

»Inspiring, smart, entrepreneurial: Whoever reads this book may

immediately learn in the master class. Nobody has produced hits as

consistently as Wolf Bauer with his UFA: films, series, shows. He knows

better than anyone else how to manage creativity and its stars as an

enterprise and how to motivate them to peak performance.«

Dr Georg Kofler

»Wolf Bauer really likes television, he doesn't wear the protective

cynicism that is so common in the industry. A small miracle that

he gets mostly praised on the arts pages.«

Dr Thomas Bellut


The Agency

Zarges|ctc is an agency for content production, talent & literary management, founded in 2004 in Cologne / Germany by Torsten Zarges.

In our Content Production, we develop and

produce all kinds of professional events for the media, communications and entertainment industry. Mostly in long-term partnerships, we create conventions, conferences, seminars, workshops, presentations and lectures.

In the Talent & Literary Management division, we represent actress and model Larima Nouveau; advise and support writers and publishers in the further advancement and exploitation of their ideas and books; develop and market projects for television, film and streaming.

Managing Partner

Founder and Managing Partner of Zarges|ctc is Torsten Zarges, born in Dortmund in 1975, graduated journalist and political scientist.

After starting his career at »Westfälische Rundschau«, he studied at the University of Dortmund and did a traineeship at public broadcaster WDR in Cologne. He subsequently worked there for several editorial departments in television and radio.

Parallel to setting up the agency, he worked as a freelance media journalist – from 1998 to 2013 for trade paper »kressreport«. Since 2013, he has been the chief reporter for media magazine Since 2004, he is a regular jury member of the prestigious Grimme TV Award. From 2012 to 2018, he was the jury chairman of the German Radio Award, a position he has resumed since 2023.

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